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I’m pretty sure I am not the only geek in this town.

So, I am not really a font geek (other than the usual hatred for Comic Sans), but apparently there are a few in my town. I found this on the wall of the men’s bathroom at The Vault in download … Continue reading

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Duplicate IDs are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

If you are not already very aware, duplicate IDs in your markup are a very bad thing. Now, technically they will work fine in CSS, and can possibly even make it faster, BUT they WILL break your javascript. Basically when you have multiple elements with the same ID what the browser will do is unpredictable…Here is my solution to that problem. Continue reading

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Updates to my pub/sub

I have updated my pub/sub plugin.  The two changes are: It now uses the full words, publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe – this change was because with 1.5, jQuery now has a sub method which I do not want to overwrite. … Continue reading

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