Well, my site is all messed up…

That is a bummer…Tried to get a new layout on it, but it was messed up, tried to restore it from a backup, but that was messed up…I will get it fixed at some point.

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I'm a Software Engineer Living in Asheville, NC. I specialize in Front-End development, currently with ReactJS. I also consult on some Vue projects.
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  1. Fernando says:

    I don’t blame Netflix at all. Part of the reason why the stranmieg selections might be more limited than you would like is because the content providers who own the rights to them want more money than Netflix is able to provide. Hopefully by downsizing the DVD side of their business, Netflix will be able to provide the funds to get more movies and shows licensed to their stranmieg plan. They’re between a rock and a hard place with this, and I’m not going to abandon them just yet.

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